Wool for the Dame is run by Christina Doris who spent many years knitting before attempting to spin yarn. After a serious bout with depression she dove head first into learning everything she could about fibre preparations, dyeing methods and spinning techniques. The fibre arts became a therapeutic way to express her creativity while helping to reduce anxieties and uplift her mental health. The idea for Wool for the Dame was born of these efforts and became a reality in 2018.

Wool for the Dame is dedicated to using quality fibers and yarns to provide makers of all skill levels and mediums with the necessary tools to create. We strive to provide outstanding products for everyone regardless of their experience level or craft. We very strongly believe that everyone should have access to all they need to fulfill their interests in the fibre arts and welcome crafters from all races, ethnicities, religions and places around the world. 

The fibers used to produce our hand spun yarn and spinning fibers are sourced from local farms and mills as often as possible. At Wool for the Dame we both hand dyes our yarns and fibers while also supporting other independent hand dyers of the fibre community. All fleece is hand washed and combed or carded by Christina before being transformed into yarn or spinning fibre. 

Wool for the Dame is a pet friendly space that is home to Martina the cat and Hudson the Australian Shepherd. Yarn and fibre are kept away from them as best as possible.